Child Poverty


More than one in five children in my Barnsley Central constituency lives in poverty.

That’s a shocking statistic.

A decent childhood should be a right, not a privilege. It is the foundation upon which a person's future is built, greatly affecting the life they will live as an adult.

I published a report on this important issue. You can download it here

I also distributed thousands of postcards across our constituency asking: if you could change just one thing to tackle child poverty in Barnsley Central, what would it be?

I was heartened by the responses and have published a follow-up report which you can download here.  

The report brings together the range of ideas put forward and suggests some practical next steps, both locally and nationally.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their suggestions. I will be in touch with you soon to share the report and thank you directly.

Best wishes,



Dan Jarvis MBE MP
Barnsley Central